The Sports Car

The Sports Car


The term is enough for people to know that exactly why this is used. The sports car is definitely meant for people with high adrenaline rush. These people love to take their life as a challenge and the sports car definitely helps them in proving it. A sports car can be of many types:

  • A sports sedan:

A sport sedan can be a name given to any sedan which appears sporty along with enhanced motor parts meant for the sports. But it is not necessary for a sport sedan to participate in the race only. Many of the time the high performance of the cars gets them this name. Examples of these cars are that of Mitshubishi Lancer, and BMW M5.

  • A Muscle car:

The “F&F” movies were enough for people to know all about this car. It is basically a car which is American made and has a V8 engine in it. Mostly these cars are famous for their two doors and speed. Examples of these cars are the Ford Torino, Montiac GTO and Valiant Charger.

  • A Convertible:

These cars definitely have style to their speed no doubt. They come with the convertible roof feature which allows the roof to move. The examples of these cars are the Honda S2000 and the Volkswagen Eos.

There are many other types of sports cars and this list is not big enough to fit them all.

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