Mercedes­Benz SLK

Mercedes­Benz SLK



Mercedes­Benz has been an established name in luxury cars since 1926. But when it comes to sporty and comfortable coupes the German company happily obliges. At the beginning of the 90’s the company set out to make a roadster that was sporty, light and short of nature. The result is what gave the SLK its iconic name. Sportlich, Leicht and Kurz are the German translations of the three aspects described previously. When we look at the end result, Mercedes­Benz has succeeded in accomplishing these three aspects.



It is powered by a 2.3 liter straight four engine producing some 193 bhp. Customers could choose between either a 5­speed manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox of the same proportion. Combined with a weight of 1.337 kg, this is not exactly the fastest car on the


track. But due to its short wheelbase of 2.4 meters and excellent traction control it handles very well through both shallow and steep corners alike.



What the SLK also has to offer is a lot of comfort. With leather interior and options like cruise control, GPS and multimedia control this car can take on large distances with ease. Most drivers say that this car offers good support in being both a daily driver and sporty coupe.

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